I was home alone, which was always the case since we moved back to our home base. Mum worked, and of course so did Dad. It was always me and my dog after school.

My Father routinely called at exactly 3:30pm to check in. We would chat quickly about my day, and what I have eaten, and what time he would be picking up Mum on the way home. My job, was to begin dinner for my Mother, who would come home and finish it up. We had a good routine going, I enjoyed it, being 14, I liked the alone time.

It was a regular day, I picked up the phone at 3:30, and heard crackling, and what sounded like wind. It was my Father, but I could barely hear him. I hung up, and thought nothing of it. I walked to the t.v. laid on the floor with my dog.

The door flung open, it was 3:45, I was completely confused. My dog ran to the door, but didn’t bark at the unexpected visitor. My Father called out. He was home early, with new toys from work.

When I greeted him, he told me he was issued a cell phone, and a laptop. I laughed.

My Father set up the laptop in the dinning room, he plugged it in and opened it up. I left the room, went back to watching t.v. I figured he needed to get some work done.

45 minutes later, I wondered back into the kitchen to get a snack, and went into the dinning room to find my Father busy staring at the screen. He looked puzzled. I asked him “what are you working on?”,

He never looked up and said seriously, “I can’t figure out how to turn it on.”

I went around, looked at the computer and told him there was a power button, or in this old school laptop, and on/off button.

As I motioned to turn it on, he freaked out and told me not to touch the computer. He was wait until my older brother came home that night from University. I laughed, walked away.

My Father sat at the door waiting for my brother, the moment he came through the door, my Father jumped up, escorted him to see the laptop, and asked “how do I turn it on?”

My Brother replied “Dad, there is an on/off switch.” We laughed, my poor Father didn’t believe his 14-year-old daughter, believed my brother who was 21 and in engineering.

My poor Father had been using a fountain pen for his entire career, and had an assistant that typed things out for him. Technology baffled him.


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