Why 2 Diplomatic Kids Should Never Get Together

I was once asked, “Why haven’t you ever dated a diplomat, or another former Dip Kid?”.

My response at first was pure laughter.

I have met some pretty fantastic human beings in the Diplomatic corps, but seriously, dating one. I am pretty sure it would cause an implosion.

Think about 2 political nerds sitting together, both having the same Diplomatic background. The discussion would be as follows:

“Where were you posted?”

“France, Germany and Spain, and you?

“Thailand, Israel, Chile, and Hong Kong.”

Complete silence would follow. Can you guess why?

Not all postings are created equal, and experiences are like badges of honour. For those of us, like me, who were posted in only volatile developing countries. The experiences, languages and craziness you experience is nothing like someone who has only been posted to Western European Countries, in fact, we have names for them, but I won’t divulge that secret.

Finding out what rank your Diplomatic parent is, yeah that is just weird, if they are from the same country, it never works, one parent is always working for another one, and the strict code of never discussing what is happening home is in effect. Trust me, discussions around the dinner time about a particular boss, who could be the parent of the person you are dating, never a pretty discussion.

If the parents are the same level from other countries, it could work, but usually you still want to avoid them, you have this weird sense you know each others lives a little too well, and yet, there are still so many secrets and oddities. Most diplomatic kids run away from each other.

No matter which way you look at it, dating someone from a Diplomatic circle is like picking from in incestuous pool, one in which you will never relax, be yourself, or ever want to bring home and meet your parents!


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