Why Every Diplomat Should Have a Dog


I grew up with a dog, actually several. We once remarked that my Father without fail said hello to the family dog before anyone else!

I have always thought you can learn a lot from someone who loves having animals in their life, and if you invite someone into your home, and your dog doesn’t like them, you should pretty much beware.

  1. A dog provides therapy for those who are under stress or suffer from PTSD. Diplomats suffer from both all the time. A dog, or as I would like to call them, furry companion has a very soothing soul.
  2. They never judge, and are extremely loyal. In a business where diplomats are only loyal to their own country, and have a very difficult time forming relationships outside of a certain circle. The bond of their furry companion eases anxieties, and loneliness.
  3. With a dog, you are never alone. A dog forces you to get outside and enjoy your new surroundings.

My childhood dog went with us on 4 postings. She was, my best friend growing up. During one particular coup attempt, my Father went off to the office through gun fire and bombs dropping, it was our dog that greeted him, leapt on his lap and made all his tension go away.

I believe him, because now, I have my own dog, and walking her is just about the best therapy I could ever have.

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